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4 Powers

Created Sunday 22 June 2008

Common to every confession/purification practice

Power of the Support

Outer support (faith is the essence ? — Zindri):

Importance of the Bodichitta: it is required. Without it you cannot purify completely. (Power of the compassion)

Power of the Regret

Inspired by negative actionsDon't hide a single negative action. in particular, take all negative actions:

Feel true remorse like you've eaten poison

Zindri: the essence of the regret is the remorse

Power of the Resolution

Never do any negative act again, especially those you've already committed. Even if yout life is in great danger. You can pray to be helped in that (because that may not be that easy)

You take a commitment, vow

Zindri: the essence of the resolution is the vow

Power of the Action as antidote

Accomplish positive actions as antidote to negative action you've committed.


The most powerful:

Zindri: the essence of the resolution is to develop a real wish to practice the dharma


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