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Created Saturday 21 June 2008

To purify obscurations

You are good, your actions are not.

Purify :

Importance of Vajrasattva

Importance of the Lama

The Four Powers

See The Four Powers

Vajrasattva as the power of the support

Not in the form of your human teacher because you may be tempted to hide some negative actions. While Vajrasattva is omniscient. You cannot hide any action you've committed. But remember he is without judgements and full of compassion

♂ Vajrasattva — skillfull means — appearances — absolute space ♀ Vajratopa — wisdom — emptiness — primordial wisdom

in union:


As rainbow body, alive

Remember the Bodichitta

You have the opportunity to purify all sentient beings.

And Trust

Accept blessings

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