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Created Saturday 21 June 2008

Solution: Purification through Vajrasattva meditation

1. Karmic obscurations

Obstacle to experiences and realisations on the path. Prevent someone from good rebirths (gods and human realms)

Because of negative actions:

Naturally negative acts

example: killing

Downfalls and vows breakages

example: cutting grass for a monk

3 levels:

it's more harmful for a bodisattva to break a pratimocha vow than for a pratimocha because doing that, s.he break also a bodisattva vow.

example: kill an insect for a bodisattva is similar to killing one's mother. Bit there is no immediate retribution though.

2. Negative emotions

These are thoughts that inspire negative actions (3 poisons)

Obstable to the realisation of Shravakas and Pratyekabudhas.

3. Conceptual obscurations

When you think that subject, object and activity are real.

4. Habitual tendancies

♂ — white aspect → give birth to gross body ♀ — red aspect → give birth to gross speech ⚥ — energy → give birth to mind

Obscuration of wisdom of omniscience

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