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Crystal World

By Mildred Ki'Lya

Ashley was looking at the sky, dusk was slowly coming. This was, she thought, the prettiest moment of the day. She liked just enjoying the beauty of the nature. It was always a time of relief, she needed it. Thinking of the day that was passing away made her feel just sad, she didn't think she had a great life, and was probably right about it. That's why she needed those moments, just to ease herself. Out of the troubles she was onto. Gazing slightly at the sky, hours passed, until it was time to go to sleep. It must have been around 10 when she finally slid on her bed.

The next morning was like every morning. The crystal near her bed started to vibrate and produce the usual sound that would set her awake. Then, there was the daily routine to get ready for school. Dressing up, eat a bit, have some time in the bathroom, and then, it was already time to go. Kimberley, Ashley's sister was as often gone before Ashley was ready out of her bedroom. That was because Kim went to college, and that was a long way to go.
TODO: impossible ... Ashley is in junior high school ...

The next thing she could hear, was the sound of her crystal set to wake her up in time so she could prepare to school. Ashley had never been fond of going to school, or even staying at school for that matter. it seems she always attracted some bullies, one way or another, it was difficult for her to find just some peace there. Slowly she get off her bed and stood for a moment before her closet. She settled up for some pants and a matching top. After dressing up, she headed

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