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Chapter 3

Created Saturday 23 May 2009

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Ashley went out, she found Meryl waiting for her, 10 meters ahead, behind a bush. They continued the road leading to school. That took them approximately 15 minutes before they saw the school gates. "So, what do you plan to do now?" asked Ashley.

Ashley went out of the house to find Meryl waiting for her. Meryl followed Ashley along the street for a moment. "The school is over there, it's a 15 minutes walk" informed Ashley.

While they walked, Ashley ashed her friend "So, how do you plan telling Mum, or perhaps not telling?"

With a false innocent look she asked back "Tell her what?"

"I had the impression that you wanted to stay over ... I guess you should tell her that."

Meryl thought for a moment. "I'll tell her what happened, I was born here after all, that's also my house" she replied with a frown.

"She might not take it that way"

"I don't know," Meryl answered with dispair showing in her voice "We'll see this afternoon, it's no use making plans on something like that"

Ashley understood Meryl didn't want to take it further and stopped there her questions. She wanted to know more about her friend but didn't know what or how to ask, so she kept the silence. After a moment, Meryl took the opportunity to ask questions as well. She barely knew Ashley even if she already had a profound sympathy toward her.

"How do you manage at school?" Meryl asked.

"What do you mean?"

A bit reluctant to spell it out, Meryl looked away at the blue sky for a few seconds. "I guess it might not always be easy for someone like you."

"Well, surprisingly everything goes smoothly. I don't really knows who is aware of my situation, and people don't seem to care much."

"Do you have any problem at school?" Meryl asked

"Well, there are a few bullies here and there, but nothing out of the ordinary."

"Could you tell me a bit about school?" asked Meryl.


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