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Tuesday 16 Sep 2008

Created Created Tuesday 16 September 2008 (Date)

I started today

I thought I needed a weblog somehow. So here it is :)
I'm doing it using zim, which is a marvellous piece of software.

The main reason is that I started using YouTube to start a VLOG (Video blog). I did this because I wanted to start having friends on Youtube. You may then ask me why having friends on Youtube and not in real life ? In real life, there is for me two places where I can meet people: at school, and in Rigpa. I don't really enjoy spending time with my schoolmates because I feel that we don't really share the same interest in things. And in Rigpa, there are not much people around my age.

In Youtube, there are many different people, and I believe some of them share my interests. And what's better on Youtube ? Videos. The main advantage about videos is that you can see and hear people. Not unlike in real life, isn't it ?

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