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Chapter 2

Created Sunday 10 May 2009

Version 2

I want to thank Sephrena Lynn Miller for her extensive review of this chapter, that helped me refining this story (even if it means some delay). Thanks as well to Sika Sinn for some corrections.


Ashley was now in her bed, deeply sleeping. There was no chance to wake her up. Meryl was looking at her friend, with mixed feelings. She seemed about to do something, but something was keeping her from doing it. She finally decided to let her sleep a little more. Turning away, she opened the window and a little hesitant transformed into her pixie form. She flew a little bit over the houses of the neighbourhood, sometimes stopping by a window and looking inside.

Eventually, she decided to stop and fly back to Ashley's room. Finding the window open, she crept back in the room. She then changed back to human form and closed the window. She paused a moment looking at Ashley sleeping peacefully. Then went through Ashley's clothes, and selected a nightgown to wear for the night.

Slowly and quietly, she took place in the bed next to her friend, who was sleeping deeply. After a moment of indecision, she came closer to Ashley's neck, kissing her passionately. Meryl was all over her, but she still didn't react. After what seemed an eternity, Meryl broke the embrace. Traces of blood were showing on Ashley's neck where she had obviously been bitten. Gently, Meryl's red lips came back to the wound. When she finally stepped back, no hint of what had happened remained.

Ashley seemed to sleep peacefully, and Meryl was ready to sleep. Eventually, she closed her eyes next to her friend.


When the alarm had finished cleansing all sleepiness from Ashley, she woke up to realize someone shared her bed. After the first moment of panic, she remembered last evening, the egg, Meryl. And that Meryl was supposed to accompany her to school today. How was she going to explain her presence to her mother? She wondered. Soon, her thoughts were stopped by Meryl's voice.


“Morning,” after a moment necessary to gather her taught, she continued, “I see you eventually decided to sleep with me. I don't really mind, but I don't know how Mum will react. If she finds out.”

“I didn't mean to cause trouble,” apologized Meryl.

“No, you haven't, but do you have any idea how we should explain your presence?”

“Why not tell her the truth, I know it's always the best solution.”

“Perhaps, but if you want to stay over, I don't think she would agree.”

“I can arrange that,” replied Meryl with a sly smile.

Ashley couldn't help but to giggle at that. when she recovered, she then told Meryl. “I had a strange dream last night, it's a bit silly, and I don't know how that came to my mind, but I dreamt that you were a vampire and that you fed from me.” Finishing the sentence, she burst out laughing as if what she said was the funniest thing on earth.

With that last sentence, Meryl jut lost colours from her face. She has planed to tell Ashley what had happened, but didn't expect that. ‘oh my,’ she taught, ‘if she got that, she does have some abilities there.’

Ashley sensing discomfort from her friend just asked, concern showing in her voice, “What's the matter? Is there something between your kind and vampires?”

“Well,” she replied shyly, “I guess.”

Ashley didn't want to put pressure on her friend, so she let her continue on her own.

“So,” Meryl continued, embarrassed, “you see, I'm some kind of vampire as well.” She stopped there a moment, to let that sink in. “You have nothing to fear from me, I'm not a vampire, I never kill, and I don't need blood as much.” Blushing, she continued, “Properly speaking, I don't need blood, I just sometimes need a gift of life from someone else. That's different.”

Ashley was dumbfounded by what Meryl had told her.

“So, yes, I fed from you last night, and I could only because you let me do it, unconsciously. I could never do any harm to you, I care too much for you.”

Meryl then stopped, waiting for her friend to recover from the shock. After a moment, Ashley was able to speak again. “You mean you drank my blood?” Not waiting for an answer, as she knew what it would have been, she continued, “Well, I don't have a problem with it, but next time, please tell me about it before.”

“I will, I just hadn't planned this yesterday, and I needed it. Since you let me ...”

“But why would you need it?” questioned Ashley, the first moment of shock passed, she was now curious.

“I don't need it to survive, I'm not a vampire. But if I want to do anything magical, I need some energy I can find there. I don't need to drink blood per se, there are other ways.”


“You don't have a problem with it?” asked Meryl, not quite understanding her friend's reaction. She didn't recall anyone finding drinking blood cool. Ashley seemed different somehow.

“Well, I always thought I liked vampires, who don't kill, 'cause I don't like it. I always thought it was ... great. I don't know why, I don't suppose it's a rational feeling.”

Suddenly, the voice of Eryn, Ashley's mother, came from downstairs. “Ashley! What's taking you so long, if you don't come soon, you'll be late for school.”

“Oh my!” Ashley exclaimed.

The door then opened, to let Eryn come in. She soon realized that her daughter wasn't alone, and stared at her guest, lost for words. Meryl then spoke, “So, you're Eryn? Ashley's mother?” It was the morning to make revelations it seemed.

“Em ... yes, and ... should I know you?” asked Eryn.

“Don't think so. I'm Ashley's friend, in fact, I was just born yesterday. I believe that's why we haven't seen each other yet.” replied Meryl as if that was the most normal thing she had said.

“You were born yesterday? What kind of joke is that?” asked Eryn, not knowing how to take the information she was given.

“It's not a joke, actually, I'm not human, you see. That's how it happens I suppose.”

“Who are you then?”

“Someone special” said Meryl, before she took without warning her pixie form. “See?”

Shocked, Eryn tried to reply, “So I see ... well, if you don't harm my daughter, I don't see why you can't stay.”

“Thanks,” answered Meryl with a large smile on her face.

“And, you are not going to school I suppose. My daughter has to go soon. I guess we'll talk later then. If you don't mind, I'd like if we knew each other a little better.”

“I'm going to school as well,” informed Meryl.

“Whatever, but, be quick. We'll go in less than an hour now. And I will take you whether you are ready or not.” And with that, she left. probably still wondering if what she saw was an illusion.

“I guess I did OK, what do you think?” asked Meryl to her friend, after Mum left.

“You still amaze me, you know?” replied her friend, “But we have to get ready, we are late already.”

“Don't worry,” said Meryl. In an instant, they were ready and dressed. Ashley felt like she had taken a shower. It felt good. They just had to take breakfast. “You see magic is useful sometimes,” continued Meryl, “Just don't do it too much or your life becomes boring. That, and that I'd need to eat you completely,” she said jokingly.

“In truth, this barely required energy, some things I might do today might be more demanding though,” finished Meryl, letting Ashley wonder what it might be she was talking about.

“Would you start being normal?” asked Ashley, seemingly crossed, before a smile crept on her face.

“I'm hardly normal”

“Shall we take a breakfast?”

Then the two came down to the kitchen for their breakfast.


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