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Email management

Created Thursday 10 January 2008

to be sent ot etoile.

Note: this is not a specification ... It's just how i would like my mail reader to be :)

Email management should be split into 3 programs:

1. Mail Checker

This program should check new mails connecting to POP servers, IMAP, RSS or whatever else. It should be able to filter those messages given some rules and these rules should tell the program where to put the new emails. It could be:

2. Mail Viewer

A mail viewer should be able to open from the filemanager mbox files and plain email files.

For plain email files, it should display in a new window the full content of the email (common headers + text)

For mbox files, it should open in a new window (or a currently opened window, at user's choice) the content of the mbox. To do that, it should split the window vertically in two panes.

If the mail viewer is opened directly (w/o specifying a file to open), it should display a window split horizontaly in two panes:

In either of those three views, the mail reader should be able to invoke the mail editor to reply to messages.

3. Mail Editor

The mail editor is either invoked alone, or by the mail viewer to create new emails or reply to existing emails. It can have multiple arguments:

The mail editor should save the message where specified (or not, if the user chooses to) and should be able to send the message ia SMTP or any other protocol.

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